Charr Crail

Charr Crail


   Sacramento, CA, 95818

Charr Crail has flaming red hair, which makes perfect sense because her mind is on fire. Her brain sizzles with a multitude of projects including fabric designs, digital illustrations, handmade clocks all in addition to her ongoing career as a photojournalist and artist. Her career began in newspapers and has evolved into a thriving freelance business that takes her from stage to boardroom, dress rehearsals to surgery centers, rock n’ roll shows to senate chambers as she searches for the emotional impact and visual expression of the experience at hand.

Comfortable on location or in the studio, she is equally known for portraiture that captures the essence of the subject, whether corporate executive or roller derby girl. Though she’s been around long enough to tell tales of the days before pixels the onset of digital photography cracked her creative world wide open, she says, and allowed exploration of digital illustration using photographs as a “canvas” upon which she layers drawings, patterns and fractals for extraordinary art via photography. She incorporates these images into some of her client work as well as onto fabric, cards and, most recently, clocks in her Jabberclocky line.

Charr has also recently begun putting on workshops called How to K.I.S.S. Like Charr. In these unique hands-on courses she’s taking the mystery out of her extraordinary work and teaching the techniques she has developed over the years to create the striking imagery she’s known for. Oh, and by the this case K.I.S.S. isn’t about smooching, it’s Keep It Simple, Sweetie!