Melissa Reed

Melissa Reed

   8348 Hidden Valley Circle, Fair Oaks, California, 95628

When I write, it’s like the words pour out straight from my heart, from my mind and engulf the paper. Usually my hand can barely write fast enough to keep up. I have conquered my own set of personal tragedies in my life; I have loved, hated, gained and lost. I have made mistakes and suffered the consequences. I have learned to appreciate the small victories in life. Everything I think it takes to write a great piece. I have spent hundreds of hours over the years writing and drawing. Going back I can see a journey of emotions, experiences, victories, regrets, dreams and realities. It’s funny to have this record of how I saw the world when I was seventeen compared to how I see it now.

I want to write lyrics that the first time you hear it, a little voice inside says "yes!" because you can relate. Music should find a way to fit in everyone’s life just right at some point, and when it does it's inspiring and powerful. I don't know if a song could heal a broken heart, but when you turn it up real loud and sing to it when you're all alone, it heals the broken parts a little bit I think.

I love words, I love music and I love the power of a little audio therapy when life throws everything at you all at once. Sometimes in life you have to go out on a limb, and make your own music. Life is a melody; the world would be to quiet without it! The artwork I create is a projection of raw, real life. My hand is just the vessel that puts it to canvas for the world to see. I put all of myself into everything I paint. Emotions entwined with color on canvas, that's what I do. I love art, I live free, I live to be inspired and inspire others. I create artwork that can be seen and felt; I want my creativity to resonate within the soul of its beholder. I extract feelings and embed them on canvas. I don’t want people to just look at my art; I want them to read the story within it.