Featured Local Artist - April 2010

Raphael Delgado (American Painter b. 1981) www.ArtByRaphael.com "I paint constantly to capture the ever changing moods of life, and to transcribe my daily thoughts into a visual context. I thrive on creating new art work…

Raphael Delgado
(American Painter b. 1981)

“I paint constantly to capture the ever changing moods of life, and to transcribe my daily thoughts into a visual context. I thrive on creating new art work to show the world. To create a distinct style of my own, I use creativity and ingenuity to begin new works on a daily basis.

Everything that I come into contact with visually emerges in my artwork for that day. My family’s faces are used as a constant reference for my figurative paintings. The daily news creates the mood that influences my color choices and subject matter. The challenges and opportunities I face are all simultaneously evident in every piece.

Life is a constantly changing and evolving environment, I believe my art work should be too.” -RD

Raphael’s art has links to abstract-expressionism and abstract-impressionism, as well as strong cubistic qualities. He incorporates many styles and emotions to create an image from memory or imagination.

At times the painting can be bright and energetic, filled with love and movement. At other times the painting is dark and nocturnal bringing a sense of disquieting tension. Vivid colors and complex line patterns emerge as a language of rhythm, motion and fluid energy.

Oil and acrylic on canvas serve as his main medium, because of the different depths, shades, consistency, texture and color they can create. He has also been known to use watercolor, pastel, charcoal, sculpture, printmaking, works on paper and mixed media.

Raphael’s inspiration has come from family, life experiences, studying and living throughout California. He’s decided to settle in his hometown, Sacramento, to begin his artistic journey. In August 2006, he opened a working and showing studio in Midtown. He uses his studio as a haven to wrestle with his inner most thoughts, and put them on a visual platform. Housing his art collections dating back to 2005, the studio doubles as a one-artists gallery for the 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Sacramento.


Check out this awe-inspiring video of Raphael:

More about Raphael’s Studio:
• Patrons of 2nd Saturday may view completed pieces as well as works in-process to offer a deeper understanding & participation in the art
• Collectors are welcome to studio for consultation of commission pieces
• Appointments may be booked for private and closer viewings to purchase art work

1018 22nd Street, Sacramento Ca 95816

Upcoming Shows:

Friday April 9: Pre-2nd Saturday Reception
Raphael Delgado Art Studio
Special showing and artist talk on DonateLifeCalifornia.org collaborative.

Saturday April 10: 2nd Saturday Art Walk – 2 locations
Raphael Delgado Art Studio
This is a special show for Organ and Tissue Awareness Month where Raphael is teaming with the Donate Life California organization, and the Public Relations Student Society of Sac State. New art work and information are available at the studio on this amazing awareness campaing. Raphael will be at Studio location for 2nd Saturday.

The Urban Hive (1931 H Street, Sacramento)
Raphael will be one of the few Sacramento artists that will be showing at the new creative collaborative in Midtown.

Friday April 16 & 22: Gallery at MiX
MiX Downtown (Corner of 16th and L Street, Sacramento)
This is Sacramento’s new Art industry night that features area’s top artist, and combines with the area’s top restaurants. The Mix is welcoming the Art Industry for Friday happy hour’s during the summer months to show off our talents. More artist to come with this event as the summer progresses.

Sunday April 25: Festival de la Familia
Cal Expo, Sacramento
The 19th Annual Festival de la Familia welcomes all cultures to come partake in the celebration of 20 Latino countries through music, dance, food children’s activities and ART. Raphael will return to the Festival with new art work just for the Art Exhibit. The Art Exhibit displays the regions finest art and embraces an educational experience through historical timelines and education center.