Featured Local Artist - July 2013

 Featured Artist Q & A:  Ryan Hammonds of R. Douglas Custom Clothier     If you've noticed an increase in dapper gentlemen around town, it may well be thanks to the handiwork of Ryan Hammonds. The man behind R. Douglas…

 Featured Artist Q & A: 
Ryan Hammonds of R. Douglas Custom Clothier



If you’ve noticed an increase in dapper gentlemen around town, it may well be thanks to the handiwork of Ryan Hammonds. The man behind R. Douglas Custom Clothier, Ryan excels in turning menswear into an art form. With a flair for fashion, an eye for design, and the know how to create any item just to the client’s specifications, for Ryan, it’s all in the details. We shot some questions his way to learn a little bit about the custom design process, his take on Sacramento fashion, his new store on The Kay, and if the man in the suit ever goes casual.

How did you get started in the tailoring industry?
I began in the tailoring industry as a result of a personal need for custom clothing. My body size did not fit the “standard” off-the-rack sizing and I was very particular about the details of my clothes. I found custom tailoring to be the perfect solution to accommodate my preference of fit, fabrics, and garment styling. However, the custom tailoring options presented to me were much too expensive and seemed a bit out of touch with current fashion trends and garment features. R. Douglas was then created to meet the needs of the style-conscious man in search of attention to detail and value.

What do you find your clients like most about getting custom clothes made?
My clients prefer R. Douglas for a number of reasons. For some, the fit is most important. The R. Douglas measurement process is very thorough and takes into consideration many aspects of fit preference. They have become accustomed to this level of precision and are simply unable to find clothes that fit their body anywhere else. Others enjoy the convenient and hassle-free approach to ordering tailored clothing. Style preferences and detailed measurements are stored in client profiles, and they can easily order garments without the sales pressure that they experience at other retailers. In fact, some simply order over the phone or email whenever the need arises. Yet, the most significant benefit that my clients enjoy is the ability to design and create one-of-a-kind garments that reflect their personal style preferences. Available details include lining color and pattern, button type, fabric composition and texture, thread stitching colors, jacket lapels and pockets, pant cuffs, customized embroidery, etc.

How would you define Sacramento’s menswear fashion style?
Sacramento certainly has a diverse culture and presentation of style. As California’s capital city, political presence dictates a suit and tie for many in the heart of downtown. Appearance is a priority in this demographic, and professionals differentiate themselves with accents such as pocket squares, lapel pins, bold patterned socks, and colored laces. In other areas of Sacramento, however, men are much more casual during the day, with comfort the priority over style and presentation.

If you could instigate any fashion trend, what would it be?
I have not personally worn a belt for a number of years. In fact, my suit pants do not feature belt loops. Rather, they feature a smooth waistband with side adjustment tabs in polished nickel. Although this contradicts the standard by which most men dress, I prefer this approach, as it does not interfere with the use of other accessories and provides a cleaner look to the waist. This is a style trend I would like to promote. Of course, the pants need to fit properly for this to work well.

What design flairs would you suggest to a usually timid dresser looking to spread his fashion wings?
There are many subtle touches that can be used to energize an otherwise boring clothing ensemble. A suited businessman in a conservative work environment might choose to add a pocket square to his jacket, bring in a pattern in his shirt and tie, or add a punch of color to his pair of socks. Buttonhole contrasts, colorful jacket linings, colored shoe laces, lapel flowers, and tie bars can also be used to rejuvenate the daily work suit. My advice would be to start in small doses and keep the flairs limited to subtle accents, not dominating eye-sores.

You recently opened a showroom on the up-and-coming K Street. How is that going? How has being located in downtown benefited your business?
The showroom has been a great addition to R. Douglas! Situated next to Ella Dining Room & Bar on 12th and K streets, the location is excellent for clients and the convenience of 9am-6pm availability allows for walk-in appointments and fittings as well as private appointments. The showroom also facilitates the design, styling, and fitting process by offering a style bar, spacious fitting rooms, a measuring area with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and a comfortable lounge. Recent additions to the store include an alterations service and accessories products such as neckwear, socks, pocket squares, cuff links, leather handbags, and more.

Any plan to foray into women’s clothing? I could use a nice suit!
Women’s apparel differs significantly from men’s apparel, but I do understand the need many local women have for custom tailoring. It is not a product that I currently offer, but certainly something that I am giving thought to develop.

You’re usually seen dressed to the nines. Do you ever go casual?
Yes! Although I do love to wear a suit, I also enjoy some time away from the jacket, slacks, and tie. For out of town trips or weekend excursions, slim cut jeans, sandals, and a t-shirt offer a comfortable “get away” from the norm.


Whether dressed up or dressed down, turn to R. Douglas for all your fashionable needs. You can keep up with him via the links below, or stop by his showroom and check out his work face to face.

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Interview by Sacramento365 Assistant Editor, Alison Kranz