Featured Local Artist - November 2015

November Featured Artist Parie Wood   This month Sacramento365 wants you to Make It a Music Night, so it's only fair that our November Featured Artist is acclaimed singer/songwriter Parie Wood. With the purchase of a…

November Featured Artist
Parie Wood



This month Sacramento365 wants you to Make It a Music Night, so it’s only fair that our November Featured Artist is acclaimed singer/songwriter Parie Wood. With the purchase of a guitar at the age of 10, Wood unknowingly discovered her true calling in life — to create meaningful, deeply personal music. Her innate talent earned her two JAMMIES and has allowed her to perform across Northern California. Despite the accolades, the artist hasn’t let her success get to her head; the artist is forever grateful to her family, friends, and fans.

It’s time to get personal with the soft-spoken, music prodigy below.

1. Describe your sound in five words or less.
Preconceived, make-believe, and absolutely true.

2. Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs? What’s your favorite part about the process?
I generally draw inspiration from events in my own life as well as the world around me. Traveling and writing songs is incredible and inspiring. Not being tethered down to anything allows me to be the most vulnerable and honest, but in another sense, when I travel I get to be someone else.



Hear Wood bare her soul in her Manifest EP above.


3. Where in your house are your JAMMIES Awards? (Parie won the Judge’s Choice Award in 2011 and Outstanding New Artist in 2012)
My JAMMIES award is in my parent’s basement. It’s not that I don’t value it, it’s just been a long time, you know?


4. What are some of your favorite Sacramento venues to perform in?
I started out at Shine several years ago when they had different owners. That was my stomping ground and I feel like I grew a lot from that venue with my other friends in the scene. Now I really enjoy playing at Naked Lounge because it’s intimate and has a nice vibe. House shows are rad for their own reasons though. I want to do more house shows.

5. You’ve interned with the local record company DIG Music. What are some of the greatest lessons that you’ve learned from your time with them? Have you applied them to your own artistic development?
Interning with DIG Music was honestly a big turning point in my life. Working with Marty DeAnda, I learned a lot about the music industry and how to be a self-supporting artist. I was just a kid with a guitar and books full of poems, I didn’t know anything about being a businessperson. I learned during that time that business plans were critical for making a well thought, methodical steps to getting to where you want, which is something I had never considered.

I’m still working on sticking to a written plan and staying focused, I’m kind of a dreamer. I’m really grateful for that experience, Marty is amazing.

6. If you were to dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?
I’ve been wanting to play in some sort of derby-girl-kicking-trashcans-and-screaming type of band for a while now. Power chords and spandex are very appealing to me. Fun Fact: Wood’s father played in the thrash-metal band.

7. Who would you most like to open for and why?
I would most like to open for Paul Simon, honestly. He has given me so much inspiration and joy. A close second would be Laura Marling because she’s brilliant, beautiful, and I’d imagine pretty accepting of other people’s art.


8. What’s on your mind when you’re performing?
“Oh God, they’re staring at me again.”
“I wonder what the next chord is, I guess we’ll find out”.

I’m only half kidding…sometimes I really do get distracted. The majority of the time though I am channeling the energy of the song with everything I am, because, in essence, my songs are a part of everything I am. I am very emotionally attached to my music.

A beet masterpiece painted by the singer.

9. What hidden talents do you have?
I like to paint with vegetable and fruit juices. Beets mostly, but turmeric if I’m looking for something gold. I stored jars of beet juice that I made for six months and painted the progression of their color and consistency every two weeks while they oxidized. My painting smelled like straight vodka towards the end.

10. Fill in the Blank: Ten years from now you will be __________.
Who am I to know? A decade ago I was ten years old and wanted to be an astronaut or Elvis. I know one thing, if I’m still breathing I’ll be singing. I really hope I’ll be traveling and touring in the near future; I’ve wanted to tour since I wanted to be Elvis.


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*See Parie Wood perform Saturday, November 7 at
the Ooley Theatre’s Fall Sessions House Concert

Interview by Sacramento365’s Content & Social Media Coordinator, Jamila B. Khan.