Featured Local Artist - October 2015

Featured Artist Q & A: Gayle Rappaport-Weiland Art From the Heart     In honor of ARTober -- or Arts and Humanities Month -- Sacramento365 chatted with one of Northern California's most prolific (and possibly busiest)…

Featured Artist Q & A:
Gayle Rappaport-Weiland
Art From the Heart

October 2015 FA



In honor of ARTober — or Arts and Humanities Month — Sacramento365 chatted with one of Northern California’s most prolific (and possibly busiest) artists. Though originally a Brooklyn baby, the painter/entrepreneur/teacher/juror known as Gayle Rappaport-Weiland has made quite the name for herself here in the Golden State: her expressive fine art graces homes, businesses and local galleries up and down the coast; her courses at Sierra College fill up fast; and her presence in the Sacramento art world continues to grow through her online channel, Art Revealed Show. Despite her never-ending list of projects, she has no plans for stopping…and we thank her for that!

Get to know our more-than-accomplished Featured Artist below:

1. Describe your art style 10 words or less.
My art is intuitive and comes from the soul.

2. When did you first discover your love for the canvas?
I grew up in Brooklyn New York and art was not an extracurricular activity for me– it was part of the fabric of my life at a very young age. I was always the youngest person in my high school and college classes. However, when I was taking a course in my mid 20s at the Seaman’s Lodge in Nevada City, my teacher pulled me aside and told me that I needed to become an art teacher (“You are that good.”) Being young and impressionable, I took her advice…and look where I am now!

3. Describe your creative process from start to finish.
My work comes from the heart, using the technical skills I have gained over a lifetime of painting. While I work in many different styles as coined by my book, The Classy Artist with Countless Styles; to create any painting, five words always come into play: 1) Preparation; 2) Incubation; 3) Illumination; 4) Evaluation; and 5) Implementation.


October 2015 Painting
Interrupted View (circa 2013)


4. Along with creating art, you love to talk about it! Your YouTube channel, Art Revealed Show aims to bring “art to you in mini-views (mini interviews).” What influenced you to create the show? How do you go about selecting the movers and shakers you sit down with?
I have dedicated my life not only to creating art but also to bringing the beauty of others’ art to the forefront. I put my dream of creating a program in the universe and everything I needed fell into place to make it happen. The show exposes viewers to new artists and educates them on ways art has been integrated into almost every aspect of our daily lives. Our small crew of volunteers wants diversity in who we select because art is not only revealed by artists, but by those who support and promote it too. We make a concerted effort to interview those who are not often in the limelight. While the show is usually booked months in advance, the team are always willing to consider dedicated, driven artists for feature interviews. (NOTE: Parts of this response were pulled from Gayle’s interview in Style Magazine.)

5. Speaking of interviews, how does it feel to be on the opposite end of a Q&A?
I love it! I am all about being an artist/educator. If I can inspire anyone to follow their dreams and live a life full of passion I have done my job.

Connecting with fellow creatives, like Gregory Kondos, keeps Gayle inspired.
Photo by Philip Venable Photography.

*To see Gayle’s Art Revealed Show mini view with the artist, click here.

6. You’ve been a teaching artist for 40+ years. What has been the biggest change in the classroom since your first day on the job?
It is still the same. It is about having great teachers in the classroom who love what they are doing and not only skilled in their subject area but understand the different methods of delivery to meet all styles of learning. Just because you can paint does not mean you can teach! Lucky for me teaching is an innate skill.

7. What is your teaching artist ethos?
My credibility stems from 40 years of teaching experience. I garner respect because my word is golden and I am honored and grateful the students are willing to spend their valuable time with me. I’m a lifelong learner; I always want to be bringing new information which is why people trust my expertise. I also feel others identify with me. Loving relationships with students that are ongoing are part of my character. I’ve been told that my high energy and positive attitude is infectious!

8. You just wrapped up studying as a GOLDEN Artist Educator in New Orleans. How did this opportunity come about? What did you learn most from this experience?
This was an international call to artists and I applied and was chosen. GOLDEN Certified Instructors are professional artist educators with a personal history of teaching painting workshops. These professionals have completed a four-day intensive training specifically focused on acrylic techniques.

GOLDEN Artist Educators are currently offering workshops in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Barbados, USA, plus Northern and Southern Europe. I learned what I’ve always known — there is always more to learn.

9. Among other things, you’ve collaborated with Appeals for Art, a website that gives donation advice to artists and charities; and through your partnership with VIDA Voices, a conscious fashion company that provides real-world benefits to the people working on its products. Why is giving back so important to you?
I believe your intentions and how you play this game of life is how you get treated. I am grateful for all the gifts life has bestowed on me and love paying it forward where I am able. Mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” I must say I love what happens when you give. I hope you will all try it out for size.

10. You juggle a number of projects all at the same time. How you maintain a healthy work/life balance? 
I do yoga, exercise, and eat well. Family, friends and relationships are a number one priority to me. I must say my life is art so even when others would call something a vacation, art is part of me. I am never on vacation nor will I ever retire. I love my life.

Over that past six months, Gayle’s painted over 30+ angels for her Angel Within Series.

11. What has been the biggest accomplishment in your life so far (professional and personal)?
Personally, I have the best daughter in the world and am in a 30+ year marriage to a man with a heart of gold. Professionally, every accomplishment is all part of my journey. I am open to the quality of life that art allows me to live. I am always dreaming and my next dream is to see my Angel Within Series bring joy and love to many. In the last six months, all I’ve painted outside of work are angels (30+). The series is changing lives and propagating happiness (I’ve heard amazing stories from every owner). It’s amazing – every painting is going exactly to the person that needs it the most.

And, oh yes, and I have been voted as one of Style Magazine‘s favorite artists seven years running.

12. What dreams would you like to see come true in the coming years?
This is the dream stage that by taking action I know will manifest. I hope to teach worldwide workshops, to have Art Revealed Show picked up by a network, and to continue to grow my art sales and gallery affiliations. For others, I wish for health, wealth, and good fortune.

October 2015

Be sure to stop by Gayle’s studio this November for PlacerArts360’s Autumn Art Studios Tour.
If you’re on the Central Coast this October, see her work at the ARTS Obispo 2015 Open Studios Art Tour (she stops #171).


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Interview by Sacramento365’s Content & Social Media Coordinator, Jamila B. Khan.