Featured Local Artist - September 2010

 SHANE GRAMMER   Shane Grammer is an artist living in Sacramento California. His work spans a variety of mediums with a focus on painting, illustration, and sculpture. For the past 15 years, Grammer has specialized in…


Shane Grammer is an artist living in Sacramento California. His work spans a variety of mediums with a focus on painting, illustration, and sculpture. For the past 15 years, Grammer has specialized in the creation of unique, highly stylized murals and three-dimensional art pieces.



He was born and raised in Chico, a small college town in Northern California. The BrideFrom an early age, Shane has always shown an interest in art, sketching and drawing throughout his childhood. But it wasn’t until he began taking classes at Butte College, that Shane was introduced to one of his first major influences: graffiti. It was a then-20-year-old movie documenting graffiti in the New York City subways that gave Shane his first glimpse into the art that would become his artistic passion.

Desperate CryDespite his small-town upbringing, Shane was intrigued by the big cities and the urban hip-hop scene. In the late 1990s, Shane moved to the Bay Area to work with Crossroads, an organization that works with urban youth in after school programs. But there he also encountered another style of graffiti that would be very influential in his work – the large-scale graffiti murals on the streets of San Francisco. Shane’s work shows the fusion between the two – the pain and hardships he saw kids go through every day, and the gritty and larger than life art pieces.


SG Studios

His passion for the colors and textures fostered in graffiti and industrial art led him to develop SG Studios to design and construct themed environments and retail art installations. Grammer’s urban background has infused his company with creative versatility – SG studios creates everything from realistic city settings that are heavily influenced by urban and industrial design to whimsical forests that are inspired by animation. Grammer’s work with SG Studios has attracted the attention of commercial businesses, malls, churches, restaurants and theme parks throughout the US.

In this video, you will see SG Studios process, concept design, production, and installation to the final product.
Video produced by, http://www.arrivalfilms.com/


Angel1:AMShane himself is the consummate artist, known for his deeply emotional and passionate style. While he draws inspiration from daily life, ultimately most of his inspiration comes from God and the desire to paint God in a real and tangible way that will connect with his audience. Each of Shane’s paintings communicate a message inspired by his own life or the lives of those around him.

His stylized illustrations, sculptures, and paintings are currently featured for consignment at Sarah Jane & Co. (22nd Street, between I and J St. in Midtown Sacramento, CA). Grammer’s art is also on display year-round at several art galleries across the US including The Vox and Brick House (both located in Sacramento), The Artisan Gallery (located on Del Paso Blvd.), 1:AM Gallery (located in San Francisco- pictured at right), and the Blue Line Gallery (Roseville California).


Shane NRRECShane also donates his time and talents to efforts supporting children in need. In September 2009, he teamed up with the North Roseville R.E.C. Center (NRREC) and Roseville Arts for a mural project to enhance the Center’s High Street campus.

DREAM BIG” was the graffiti tag selected for the giant mural, which spans 20 feet across the center’s eight-foot-tall perimeter fence. The center’s acronym NRREC is also spelled out around the mural edge to proudly reinforce its focus on developing a positive future for neighborhood youth through Recreation, Education, and Creativity.

In 2010 Agape International Missions invited Shane to paint murals in their new building in Svay Pak, Cambodia. The building which now currently houses a Pastor and his family was formerly used as a base for child trafficking. Shane and his crew worked with the children to show them ways to find hope and joy through art and creativity.

The video below tells the story of their trip to Cambodia and how art can make a difference in peoples lives and the community they live in.



His current exhibit is called “Urban Perspective” where Shane built a custom art installation inside the Blue Wing Gallery in Woodland, CA (pictured at left). This amazing urban village is the perfect backdrop for his “Fatherless Boy” paintings.

Fatherless BoyThis emotional and magnetic character (pictured at right) was created by Shane who was born to a drug-addicted father and raised by a step-father who rejected him in favor of his younger half-brother. Grammer began to explore his past while creating this character. Contemplative and downcast, the Fatherless Boy’s posture reflects the isolation and loneliness of a rejected child. Not yet self-aware, the boy is left to wonder about his purpose. The covering of rust evokes the brokenness and hurt the boy carries around with him.

Although the piece initially speaks of Grammer’s love for street art, the boy’s misproportioned body grew to mean much more. The over-sized heart represents the good heart of this lost boy, while the enlarged hands speak to his identity – he was created to be a creator.