Sep 23 - 24 2017
Fall Plant Sale and New Art Market

Fall Plant Sale and New Art Market

Presented by California Native Plant Society: Sacramento Valley Chapter at Shepard Garden and Art Center

It’s that time of year! Gardeners are gearing up for the annual California Native Plant Society Sacramento Valley Chapter Plant Sale and New Art Market.

As drought and climate change issues continue to affect our daily lives, native plant gardening is especially crucial. This annual event will feature over 100 locally native plants as well as native flora and fauna-themed art.

Gardening practices should be changing as you learn about the negative impacts of over-watering and chemical-dependent techniques. The Sacramento Valley Chapters have been at the forefront of showing the benefits of locally native plants using the most ecologically beneficial solutions any gardener can employ. They utilize naturally low water-use solutions, do not require chemical fertilizers and pesticides, provide a unique caterpillar-host relationship to allow for abundant butterfly populations, provide the best nectar, pollen, and habitat for butterflies, bees and birds, and give a sense of place that no other plant palette can provide.

There will be hundreds of species from Elderberry Farms, Cornflower Farms, and Hedgerow Farms.

This fall the California Native Plant Society will also host the new art market focused on regional artists entitled “On the Wild Side of Art.” The works are focused on native plants, animals, and functional ceramics for the home and garden.  A variety of mediums will be on display, including paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics, glass, and fabric sculptures.

Locos Taco food truck will be onsite during the event.

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Phone: (916) 812-2876

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2017/09/23 - 2017/09/24

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Shepard Garden and Art Center

3330 McKinley Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95814