Apr 08 2018
Studio Lighting: Hands On Approach (Photography Mo...

Studio Lighting: Hands On Approach (Photography Mo...

Presented by Viewpoint Photographic Art Center and Photography Month Sacramento at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

This hands-on workshop will provide you with the nuts-and-bolts information needed to create stunning portrait images and how to work with the lighting.

Topics covered include:
-Posing the model and model etiquette
-Creating catchlights in eyes
-Traditional single-light techniques: broad; short; butterfly (glamour, paramount); loop; chiarascuro; clamshell; Rembrandt; split; rim (profile); flat; high key and low key
-3-point lighting (key, fill and background lights)
-Other materials to construct cards

Dave and Dennis will discuss the equipment used for three different lighting arrangements:
1) Natural light (near the windows along the street side of the gallery)
2) Strobes
3) Constant light LEDs

Your instructors will also bring soft boxes, flags, silks and reflectors to show how light sources can be modified to create desired effects.

They will start with the natural light setup, since that is available to everyone. Then we will move to the constant light setup because this is the easiest artificial light for everyone to handle.

Finally, they will work with strobes since that is what most use as their artificial light source.

Note: This event is part of Photography Month Sacramento.

Admission Info

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center Members $165
Non-Member $215

Phone: (916) 441-2341

Email: gallerycoordinator@viewpointgallery.org

Dates & Times

2018/04/08 - 2018/04/08

Additional time info:

There will be a one-hour lunch break and stretching breaks as needed.

Location Info

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

2015 J St., Sacramento, CA 95811

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