Apr 05 2018
Sierra Camera Club Nature Program (Photography Mon...

Sierra Camera Club Nature Program (Photography Mon...

Presented by Photography Month Sacramento at Shepard Garden and Art Center

If we shoot nature images, we are amateur (at least) naturalists. Naturalists should strive to be as proficient at this as we are at mastering the technical tasks of making a good image. This presentation is a discussion of bird and animal identification and behavior and how it relates to photography. It covers verifying ID of pictures taken, but also explores how knowledge of an animal's behavior presents opportunities for good nature subjects. Titles of nature subjects are also important as they can be a good opportunity to teach the viewer the larger nature story, but it is also important to be accurate labeling behavior accurately.

This presentation should provide some tools to encourage you to know what you shoot.

This event is part of Photography Month Sacramento.

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2018/04/05 - 2018/04/05

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Shepard Garden and Art Center

3330 McKinley Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95814

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