Nov 09 - 30 2020
Office Hours Streaming Live

Office Hours Streaming Live

Presented by STAB! Comedy Theater at Online/Virtual Space

Got a mountain of creative projects you want to get to? Got a little difficulty with structure and accountability? So did STAB! Comedy Theater owner Jesse Jones, which is why he started STAB!’s Office Hours! In Office Hours, Jesse creates a space for himself and everyone else who could benefit from a little bit of structure and some fellow creatives to be accountable to so that we can all sit down and knock out our work one 25 minute Pomodoro chunk at a time!

So get a beverage, grab a project or three and let’s sit down and do the work every morning!

You can tune in on the STAB Comedy Theater website or on its Facebook, YouTube or Twitch channels.

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Phone: (916) 970-7822


Dates & Times

2020/11/09 - 2020/11/30

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Online/Virtual Space