Dec 22 2020
Jan 01 2021
Sac2021: A City-Wide Virtual Celebration

Sac2021: A City-Wide Virtual Celebration

Presented by City of Sacramento and Sol Collective at Online/Virtual Space

The City of Sacramento and Sol Collective have partnered with artists and businesses across the city to create pop-up installations for celebratory photo-ops.

Installation Locations:
-North Natomas Library (4660 Via Ingoglia)
-Sacramento News & Review (1124 Del Paso Blvd.)
-Valley Hi-North Laguna Library (7400 Imagination Pkwy)
-Sol Collective (2574 21st St.)
-Shift Coffee House (1616 Del Paso Blvd.)
-Fratt Building (200 K St.)
-South Natomas Community Center (2901 Truxel Rd.)
-Street Medians (21st Ave. & 69th St.)
-Sojourner Truth Museum (2251 Florin Rd.)

Take a celebratory selfie or upload a photo you already have — you’ll join the rest of the city in our virtual gallery below and, if you want to share on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #SAC2021!

It wouldn’t be a party without good music, right?

Turn up the #SAC2021 playlist on your way to a Pop-Up Installation or while you’re posing in the virtual photobooth. Then, add your favorite tracks from 2020 — or the ones that set the mood for 2021 — to share with your Sacramento family!

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2020/12/22 - 2021/01/01

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Online/Virtual Space