Aug 20 2022


Presented by STAB! Comedy Theater at STAB! Comedy Theater

It's a nightmare scenario for cubicle dweller: you've got to give a presentation to the bosses, but when the slides start coming up behind you, you have no idea what's going to show up!

Conversely, it's a prime vehicle for improv comedy.

In PowerPlay, improvisors take the stage and give their "prepared" presentations, while on the screen behind them, slides that they've never seen come up and they have to make it all make sense on the spot!

So get your mission statements ready and strive toward achieving maximum output synergy, with PowerPlay!

If you can't make it out in person, don't worry! All of the live, in-person shows will be streamed through STAB! Comedy Theater TV on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live for free as always!

*STAB! is committed to the safest, most responsible accommodations possible. A self imposed maximum occupancy reduction remains in place. Masks will remain recommended if not required moving forward. In respect to those around you, conduct yourselves appropriately in a manner to protect your fellow attendees from any potential dangers.

If you feel unwell, do not attend. Any refunds for any reason will be accepted and honored.

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Phone: (916) 970-7822


Dates & Times

2022/08/20 - 2022/08/20

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STAB! Comedy Theater

1710 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818

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Street parking.