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 705 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Shenanigans is the great place to book your event. Come by to check Shenanigans out and enjoy live music, good eats, and sports. Max, Todd, and Eric are three guys who envisioned the kind of place they would want hang out. It would offer fast, quality food, up-to-the minute sports coverage, hot-ticket major sports event viewing, and the best live music.

It would be where people could stop in at lunch to relax for a moment or meet friends for happy hour to unwind and stay as long as they wanted.

It would also pay homage to local sports legends and sponsor some area sports competitions. And yes, pick-up pool games and beer pong would qualify as sporting events. The bands they invited to play would be local, too, danceable, and well-liked.

So, with a combined total of 50 years restaurant, bar, and nightclub experience between them, Max, Todd, and Eric founded Shenanigans.

And that’s where you’ll find them—hanging out, serving good food, showing the sports they love, and showcasing great Sacramento musicians.

From private events to private parties, Shenanigans does it all! They have two levels of space that they can dedicate to your event. Let Shenanigans handle your event, as they can secure huge-name talent for you whether it be a top DJ or a rocking band. Shenanigans takes care of everything including sound and video needs, and can even supply other equipment for you. They can secure any talent you need, for the best prices in Sacramento you could ask for.