Including Us, West Sacramento

Including Us, West Sacramento


 (916) 520-4229

 650 California Street, West Sacramento, CA 95605

Including Us, West Sacramento is a group dedicated to supporting special needs families. Their goal is to create community-based activities that promote “inclusion.” Inclusion means that children with disabilities have the same opportunities to participate within a community setting with their typically developing peers. The premise of the inclusion model is that no child who has a disability should be prohibited for exploring his or her own community alongside typically developing same-age peers and friends.

It has often been said, “a child with special needs can bring out the best in other people.” They enjoy life and have a magic ability to make you smile, even if you don’t feel like smiling. They need to be given as much opportunity as possible to increase their contact with the world outside their own home and family, and to experience “normal” interests and activities. The more experiences a child has, the greater his or her chance to reveal hidden talents will be.