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Give Local Now

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 Sacramento, CA

Give Local Now is a movement that encourages residents of the Greater Sacramento Region to donate money to local nonprofits. Help make a positive change and donate today.

GiveLocalNow all started with a few little questions: How much do we really give as a region? Where do we stand in relation to other cities nationwide?

GiveLocalNow discovered that Sacramento regional residents, as a whole, are less likely to give and donate fewer dollars than the national average. In fact, only 62% of households in the Greater Sacramento Region give to charities. Of those who do give, we are below the national average. While a vast majority in the area believe it is important to give locally, only 63% of donations go to organizations that benefit those in our own backyards.

The numbers were shocking, and a change is in order. GiveLocalNow hopes to increase not only the amount donated, but also the number of households who give and the amount donated to local organizations. Accomplishing increases in these three areas would increase the amount of contributions to nonprofits in this region by $235 million to $249 million annually.