Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento (GRAS)

Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento (GRAS)

Non Profit


 (916) 346.5154

 3416 J Street, Suite #2, Sacramento, CA 95816

Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento (GRAS) is dedicated to making Sacramento a leading sustainable food community, working with restaurants, schools, and food/environmental organizations to develop environmentally sustainable practices in the Capital City. Led by chefs—and including staff, diners, local growers, wineries, distributors, vendors, and municipalities—GRAS is a coalition dedicated to greening our restaurant industry by bringing all sectors of the restaurant industry together in Sacramento.

The organization serves as a resource for the latest information on sustainable practices, and will serve to consult and educate both restaurants and the public alike. GRAS aims to be a leader in the community, striving to be responsive to urgent issues (i.e. water conservation) and current technologies.

GRAS desires to keep industry waste “out of the landfill,” seeking to reduce packaging and direct more industry waste to compost and reuse. They help restaurants initiate green procedures and coordinate related infrastructure.

GRAS… growing a sustainable food community in Sacramento.