Beatnik Studios

Beatnik Studios

Visual Art


 (916) 400-4281

 723 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

Beatnik Studios is an alternative for photographers looking for a voice. Beatnik Studios is a trendy, unconventional photography studio/gallery that operates under a collaborative philosophy.

Here at Beatnik the aim is to provide a space that has a professional yet fun and comfortable atmosphere. It is a place that artists cannot only work but also an outlet that they can plug into and share resources, exchange ideas, and thrive. To put it simply these are real people looking for an avenue to make a living doing what they love. We realize that we are not alone in this industry and being successful in the art world is difficult. But we want to remind everyone that it is not impossible.

The intent for Beatnik Studios is that it will be your VIP pass to do more than just survive in the photography industry, but that it will be a transformative enriching implement for your business.