Ella K. McClatchy Library

Ella K. McClatchy Library

Website: http://www.saclibrary.org/Locations/Ella-K-McClatchy/

 (916) 264-2700

 2112 22nd Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

The Ella K. McClatchy Library is in a lovely older home on a quiet residential street in Midtown Sacramento. The building was designed by Northern California architect Rudolph Adam Herold in the early 1900s for Charles and Ella McClatchy and their family. The house became a library in 1940 after Eleanor McClatchy and Charlotte Maloney presented it to the City of Sacramento as a memorial to their mother. Although the library was originally a young people’s library, today it serves all ages. Along with a responsive collection, the library offers two public Internet stations, two Netbook laptop computers for onsite use, and WiFi access. There is a pretty little patio at the back of the building which patrons are welcome to use.

Preschool story times will delight three- to five-year-olds. While entertaining programs for school-age kids as well as for teens take place all year round, they occur even more frequently during June, July, and August. Programs for adults have become popular events, as well.

The Friends of Ella K. McClatchy Library is an exceptionally dedicated and active group which sponsors activities such as those listed above and more. There’s a book shop in the library’s Sunroom that includes magazines, costume jewelry, games, toys, and other donated items, as well as used books for sale. The Friends also host an annual Open House to celebrate the library’s birthday in mid-November. Everyone is cordially invited to stop by for a pleasant visit. Browse through sale materials in the Sunroom, gaze at the beautiful stained- glass window, get comfy on a window seat or in a beanbag chair, and, of course, check out lots of good books, magazines, CDs, or DVDs.

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Ella K. McClatchy Library

2112 22nd Street

Sacramento, CA 95818