The Bridge District (TBD)

The Bridge District (TBD)


 951 Riverfront Street, West Sacramento, California 95605

The Bridge District shares its acronym with "to be determined." How perfect is that? Most development processes tend to produce a building widget of some kind that is both predictable and reliable. Strip-mall widgets, gated-community widgets, big-box retail widgets–you get the picture. But what if these widgets were looking a bit tired relative to our values today? You would change the paradigm, right? That’s what the public/private pioneers building The Bridge District did. It wasn't easy, but the prize that awaits us–a thriving, sustainable 21st Century neighborhood–will be well worth the journey. Because as our public discussion continues to bloom, it will yield ideas and solutions that are not entirely knowable today. When the input changes, the output changes. The sky’s the limit.

The Bridge District is on track to create 4,000 residential units, five million square feet of commercial space and another 500,000 square feet of retail space. Translation: About 9,378 residents and 16,000 jobs in a green-certified, walkable, riverfront neighborhood. 

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The Bridge District (TBD)

951 Riverfront Street

West Sacramento, California 95605