Swabbies on the River

Swabbies on the River

Website: http://www.swabbies.com/

 (916) 920-8088

 5871 Garden Highway, Sacramento, CA 95837

Swabbies is a quirky, family-owned, local treasure. Much like the seasonal runs of migrating fish in the Sacramento River, Swabbies clientele migrates through as well. Swabbies begins each season with only one person tending the kitchen and bar. River locals, occasional travelers at the airport, or a golfer may stop in this small local watering hole.

As the season warms in early spring Swabbies begins the next migration. Local motorcycle enthusiasts have discovered the perfect destination location when the sun shines long enough, providing a chance to blow the cobwebs off and take a ride along the river and enjoy the famous tacos still fresh in the mind from last season.

In early April the fishing season for Striped Bass begins its full swing with hordes of fisherman swarming the river in hopes of hooking a 40lb bass. Soon, spring turns toward summer and the river is full of boaters enjoying some of the best views and skiing/boarding conditions imaginable.

Once May hits, Swabbies’ busy season has officially started with a live music kick off the first Saturday in May. The live music continues on weekend afternoons through October. The huge outdoor yard on the water with awesome live music makes Swabbies one of the most popular afternoon venues in the city!

After the harvest moon, the season quickly slows and gets ready to cycle all over again. With all the different activities during the different seasons, it is no wonder the statement "You never know who you might run into at Swabbies" has become famous.

Location Info

Swabbies on the River

5871 Garden Highway

Sacramento, CA 95837