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Tsubaki Ensemble

ANY GIVEN CHILD CERTIFIED: Designated arts provider for Arts for Any Given Child - Sacramento. Participating schools may request an eligible offering from this provider as their Arts Exposure Experience.
Tsubaki Ensemble

The Tsubaki Ensemble is an inter-generational Japanese-American performing ensemble that educates audiences about the Japanese culture through folk music, dance, and storytelling.



Assembly #1: Japanese Drumming, Folk Music, & Dance


Program Description

Japanese folk songs will be played on traditional instruments and performers will demonstrate how the movements in the folk dances tell stories of what life was like for the Japanese people at the time. Students will learn simple hand movements of a dance that they will do along with the performers. These Japanese traditional movements will be made relevant to the students’ current lives when


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Program Detail

Program type: Any Given Child, In-School Performance/Assembly
Artistic Discipline: Dance, History & Heritage, Music
Cultural Origin: Asian
Subject: Fine Arts
Population Served Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-8, Pre-K - Kindergarten
Available dates:

DATES AVAILABLE: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; mornings

Space / technical requirements:

LOGISTICAL NEEDS: 2 microphones; microphone stand (if available); sound system; indoor stage or performance area; water for performers. No outdoor performances.


Any Given Child Certified: Yes


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