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Alexis Firsty

ANY GIVEN CHILD CERTIFIED: Designated arts provider for Arts for Any Given Child - Sacramento. Participating schools may request an eligible offering from this provider as their Arts Exposure Experience.
Alexis Firsty

Alexis Firsty has 15 years of experience in the field of Art Education, holds a California teaching credential, and has taught in a variety of schools in California, Rhode Island, and internationally in Mexico and Italy. She holds a BFA in Painting from Syracuse University and a Master in Art

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Alexis Firsty Residency


Program Description

Residency Description:
Artists, writers, and scientists are all observers of the world around us. In this residency, students will become all three by making an original book that will contain a series of creative interpretations of natural forms found in their surroundings. Alexis Firsty, artist and CA credentialed art educator, will lead this cross-disciplinary residency by guiding students to


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Program Detail

Program type: Any Given Child, In-School Residency
Artistic Discipline: Literary, Visual
Subject: Fine Arts, Science


Any Given Child Certified: Yes



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