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These guidelines articulate the general parameters by which such information will be presented; however, in all instances, the authority to make decisions based on specific circumstances belongs to Sacramento365.

21+: Found under the “Age-Specific” category, “Age 21+” includes events outside the normal 9am-5pm working hours that are limited to drinking-aged adults.

2nd Saturday: Captures the various activities taking place for the 2nd Saturday Artwalk, a monthly occurrence of gallery openings & other special events that take place the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Age-Specific: The goal is for this category to be a single source for a broad range of information for family activities and age-specific events. This category breaks down further into the sub-categories of “Kids & Family”, “Youth/Teens”, All Ages, Age 21+ and “Seniors (55+)”.

All Ages: Found under the “Age-Specific” category, “All Ages” includes events outside the normal 9am-5pm working hours that are open to those under the age of 21.

Art Shows: Art exhibits, either free or with paid admission, art galleries, museums, and other destinations. The focus of this category is specifically on exhibits of “art”—which may appear in many different forms. This is obviously found under the category of “Art/Film.”

*Note: Depending on the length of an ongoing exhibit, art shows are broken down into either two month, three month or four-month intervals.

Classes & Workshops: Found under the “Community” section of Sac365 and represents classes, workshops, lessons, and other participatory arts-related programs that are open to the public. (Note: To encourage a diversity of events in this category, 3 events/week per organization will be approved by Sacramento365 staff.)

Comedy: Found under the “Performance” category, this includes gigs generally taking place at comedy clubs and stage venues with a comedic theme.

Dance: Professional and community dance performances, including university and community college productions. This category is found under the “Performance” category.

Farm-to-Fork: Found under the Food/Wine category, this category includes events that showcase the Sacramento region’s rich, diverse agricultural bounty.

*Note: These events should have “Farm to Fork Capital” marked as either a Registered Organization or as a Secondary Organization. Doing so ensures that the event will appear on the Farm-to-Fork Regional Events Calendar.

Fashion/Design: Found under the “Visual Arts” category, this includes fashion shows, design events, and other events in the fashion or design industries.

Festivals: Festivals are, generally, recurring seasonal events. This also includes seasonal community celebrations, cultural fairs, film festivals, and local marketplaces.

Film + Video: This “Visual Arts” sub-category includes previews, premieres, film festivals, and special showings/filmings.

Food + Drink: Any event including food, wine, beverages, or the tasting of some form of either (i.e. special events, tastings, happy hours, fundraisers, parties).

*Note: If a winery/wine-related event occurring outside of Sacramento365’s Regional Guidelines is submitted, it can still be approved and posted onto our partner Regional Wine Guide calendar. This event should be marked as private so it does not appear on the general Sacramento365 online calendar.

Free Events: This is a catch-all category listing all events and activities that are free of charge. This does not include art gallery events.

*Note: For the most part, this will be checked as a secondary category.

Fundraisers: Found under the “Community” category, this section includes events that include a charitable element.

Holiday Events: Here you can find Holiday Events, no matter what the season, and even events taking place in concurrence with long weekends (i.e. Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.). This sub-category can be found in the “Community” category.

LGBT: These events pertain or benefit Sacramento’s gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender community.

Local Marketplace: You’ll find Farmers’ Markets, local boutique/retail events, arts & crafts fairs, holiday marketplaces, and more to help you support the local economy. This section can be found under the larger “Festivals” category.

Museums: Exhibits and activities at a broad range of museums and cultural destinations, either free or paid admission, with regular hours of operation. This category breaks down further into the sub-categories of “Exhibits” (for long-running shows) and “Activities” (special events at Museums).

*Note: Depending on the length of an ongoing exhibit, museum listings can be broken down into two month, three month or four-month intervals.

Music: Professional and community music events geared to adults, including university and community college productions, as well as venues such as nightclubs and restaurants. This category breaks down further into individual genres of music.

Performance: This category is for performing arts events. Housed here are the sub-categories of “Theatre”, “Comedy”, “Dance”, and “Poetry & Literature”.

Poetry & Literature: A “Performance” sub-category, this focuses on the written and spoken word events—lectures, poetry events, author appearances, book signings, presentations, readings, open mics, and slams.

Community: In addition to breaking down into the sub-categories of “Classes & Workshops”, ”Fundraisers”, ”Holiday Events”, and ”LGBT”, this category serves as a general primary category for events that are not better suited for any other category.

Sports/Rec: Events—both participant and observer—which is sports or sports-related, including professional and amateur sports listings. It also includes recreational activities where people can participate, such as road races.

Theatre: Professional and community theatre events geared to adults, including university and community college productions.

Visual Arts: This is the primary category for 2nd Saturday, Art Shows, Film + Video, and Fashion/Design. Here you’ll find all art, film, and fashion events.

City of Sacramento Categories: These 22 sub-categories only appear on the City of Sacramento calendar that Sacramento365 manages–and not on the general Sacramento365 online calendar. Unless the event in question is an official City of Sacramento event, do not check any of these sub-categories. City of Sacramento staff, identified by a email, should be the only persons submitting these events onto Sacramento365.

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