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Sacramento365 is a comprehensive, year-round events website for the city and county of Sacramento. Its mission is to provide a source for events to residents and travelers in the greater Sacramento region.

To remain relevant to its users, Sacramento365 uses the following regional guidelines for events listed on the site:

  1. Events are held in Sacramento County

The only current exception to these regional guidelines is:

  1. Events associated with partners utilizing a Sacramento365 event widget on their site, in which case the event will only appear on the calendar widget on the partner site, not on the Sacramento365 site.
  2. Sacramento365 recently developed Out-of-Area Collaborator packages that allow businesses and organizations outside of our coverage area to share their events on Sacramento365. This change allows us to provide coverage opportunities for all of our regional partners and opens the door to new promotional options on Sacramento365’s social media platforms, as well as Visit Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork social platforms.

Sacramento365 seeks to expand the inclusiveness of the site to include surrounding areas through partnerships and sponsors.

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