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California Capitol Chefs Association

California Capitol Chefs Association

The American Culinary Federation, Inc, (ACF) is the premier professional chefs’ organization in North America, with more than 230 chapters nationwide and 19,000 members. California Capitol Chefs, located in Sacramento, California is the local chapter for the American Culinary Federation. Their mission is to better the welfare of local members through culinary education, apprenticeship, certification, the creation of a fraternal bond between culinarians, and forming cohesive relationships with our purveyors, food related services and allied associates.


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  1. I was Director of Operations at Lederwolff Culinary Academy 1990's was a award winning Chef in several shows , just wondering if I could get a news letter from you guys I've been retired for years now just missing the news from norcal living in Pittsburgh Pa. now.. attended 1992 culinary Olympics in Germany back in the day !


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