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Camellia Koi Club

Camellia Koi Club

The Camellia Koi Club of Sacramento is a nonprofit, educational group of koi enthusiasts serving the central California valley and foothills surrounding Sacramento. The group has monthly meetings with great food, a speaker, and a discussion of koi-related topics. The non profit publishes a monthly newsletter, organizes yearly shows, sponsors a pond tour every other year, takes field trips to koi dealers, and helps each other.

The Camellia Koi Club of Sacramento club was started 26 years ago by a few Koi lovers and has grown to over 100 families.


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  1. Good Afternoon,

    My name is Stephanie Hoyer and I have a beautiful Koi that has outgrown my pond. Complete Ponds gave me your contact info. and I was hoping that you may know of someone who has a large pond and may be willing to pick up my fish. It breaks my heart to give him away but I want him to have a better life.

    Please let me know if you can help me, thank you.


    • Hi Stephanie,

      Please email or call (916) 769-3724 about your inquiry. Hopefully the club can find a home for your koi fish.

      Thank you,


  2. Hello,
    At some point in our future we will be moving to the East Coast. I have about a dozen Koi that I will be looking for a home for. If I could sell a few of them, that wouldn't hurt my feelings. Some of them are very nice some are less so. They range in size from about 14" to about 20". I would like to talk to someone about how to go about placing them. I am not in a hurry as we will

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  3. We have just acquired a home with a 1000 gallon koi pond with 11 koi in various sizes and colors. It has been discovered that the pond is leaking a lot of water thus we need to remove it. Do you know anyone that might be interested in the fish and fish food and the chemicals for the pond? Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or help. Thanks


    • Hi Terri,

      Please message the club on Facebook to see if the organization can better assist you. Here's the link to their Facebook page:

      Thank you and best of luck,


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