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Leverage Entertainment

Leverage Entertainment

Leverage Entertainment’s mission is to cultivate and collaborate with Sacramento/Northern California untapped talent by using weekly events to leverage live local entertainment to the mainstream markets with the mindset of giving back to the community and local like-minded charities.

A board of directors will create a hub for unexposed talent in all aspects of Sacramento’s artistic side, from painters to vocalists to freestyle lyricists. It is a collaborative effort created by individuals of different organizations and businesses with the goal of building together to create a live entertainment atmosphere, enjoyable year-round.

Weekly events will lead up to large weekend events which will eventually be followed by a quarterly final event. This movement will provide an outlet for local performers/artists/comedians every day of the week to expose their talent, an opportunity to leverage them to success and the chance to contribute to charitable causes in our community. Daily, weekly, and quarterly events will also provide Sacramento and surrounding communities the chance to discover remarkable local talent and a series of events to look forward to.


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