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Runnin' for Rhett

Runnin' for Rhett

Runnin’ for Rhett is a non-profit foundation that was founded on Dec 7, 2007 by a grass roots group of family and friends that love Rhett Seevers. Their mission is to inspire individuals to get off the couch and do something that one special little boy couldn’t do, as hard as he tried…walk or run. They hope Rhett's story will inspire those who feel defeated, uplift those who feel down, and encourage all to take that first step and move into life.

Proceeds from fundraising efforts fund the Runnin’ for Rhett Scholarship: Each spring two $5,000 scholarships are awarded to carefully selected Sacramento County college students that are enrolled in a “special education” teaching credential program. The goal is to give the gift that keeps on giving to children with special needs, for years to come.

The other program is the R4R Youth Fitness Challenge: In 2011, over $10,000 in grant money was awarded to qualified local elementary and middle schools. Each awarded school uses the funds to implement a 4-week after school training program that will provide a twice-weekly supervised training program which prepares each student with the skills needed to complete a 5K organized event. Each student that completes the training receives free race entry, a medal, and a baby blue Runnin’ for Rhett t-shirt. The medals are awarded at a school assembly in front of all of their friends and parents.


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