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Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy

Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy

Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy is a private music academy devoted to preparing students and their musicianship. Sac Prep Music offers music lessons for youth and music students of all ages and many different instruments including piano, voice, guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, electric guitar, electric bass, coaching and music theory. If your public school is failing in the music & arts department, Sac Prep Music will be here to provide you a college prep music education at an affordable cost. They also host concerts, and two concert series at The Gpac.


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  1. Hello,

    I thouroughly enjoyed the Beatles White Album performance @ Mondavi last night. I was very impressed with the 2 lead guitarists from your academy and desire to follow them. No program was available. I am unable to locate there names anywhere. Can you provide? Thank you for all that you do!


    • Hi Leigh,

      You can reach out the the Sac Preparatory Music Academy directly at to answer this question.

      All the best.


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