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Starburst Theater Company

Starburst Theater Company

Starburst Theater is the newest all-welcoming, diverse theatre company to hit Sacramento. It is now in process and looking for people of all ages, race, and walks of life to take part in a new theatre experience. Even with the company still in beginner stage of creation, the group has so many bright ideas in store that will boost interest and excitement towards the wonders of the performing arts. To not just put on live performances or hold fundraisers, but to also be a part of its community by creating charity events and helping out with organizations in need. Plus, the Starburst Theater Company plans to have classes open for all ages, covering vocal, dance, acting, and possibly even music.

Starburst Theater is a non-profit organization and is non-pay. The Company is searching for talent (musicians, actors, singers, dancers, poets, comics), as well as those into technical work (costume designers, makeup and hair artists, set designers and constructors).


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