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State Indian Museum

State Indian Museum

The State Indian Museum, also known as State Indian Museum State Historic Park, is a prehistoric history museum in Sacramento that is operated by California State Parks. The museum is dedicated to the history, traditions, and materials of the state’s Native American population.

The museum is co-located on the grounds of the Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park in downtown Sacramento. The museum exhibits the details of daily life and traditions for the regions Native inhabitants, who numbered at nearly 500,000 and 150 tribal groups prior to the Spanish colonization of California beginning in 1769 with Mission San Diego. Another exhibit within the museum is specifically dedicated to Ishi, the last of the Yahi Tribe. Ishi managed to remain hidden from Western Civilization until 1911 when he was discovered in Northern California.

The museum also includes a hands-on area, where visitors may learn how to use historic tools such as a pump drill used for drilling holes in shell beads.



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