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Angelica Newby

Angelica V. Newby is an abstract illustrator and Emotive Surface Pattern™ Designer, currently residing in Sacramento, CA. Born in East Orange New Jersey and raised on the east coast, Angelica has always aspired to a life as a visual artist. They started creating illustrations from a very young age and that desire to create art has never quit. They love bringing what they read in books, dreams, emotions or even have played in video games, to life on paper. Their pattern design art also started young too, they used ink pens to draw highly detailed and stunning designs. The love of art truly soared after this into deciding one thing:

To be a world-renowned artist! Their dream is showcasing their artwork in galleries and festivals, collaborate with other artists on expansive art projects and traveling to create art all over the world! So upon graduating from high school in 2007, Angelica took this fiery passion in heart and moved to Florida to study at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. They spent a couple years in the Game Art and Design program to boost their illustration and creative thinking skills. Ultimately, to attain the marketing and fine art skills they needed to propel their career, they graduated with a degree in Graphic design and worked many years as a freelance designer.

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