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Banjo Bones

Banjo Bones sings themes of the present in a voice of the past. With lyrical content that spans the introspective to the esoteric, Banjo Bones combines elements of roots music into a genre defying style that borrows in equal portions from blues, jazz, country and folk. Whiskey infused philosopher, frustrated poet, and wannabe cowboy, Banjo Bones takes listeners on a journey filled with the musical landscape equivalent to Death Valley, as told by a pallet of characters that would be perfectly at home in a Fante or Bukowski book.

In his latest release, The Place of Dead Roads, Banjo Bones carves out landscapes that can best be compared to Death Valley, California. A treacherous, beautiful and wild adventure full of colorful derelicts and themes evoking a rugged life that occurs sometimes by chance and others by choice. Partially inspired by the book by William S. Burroughs of the same title, The Place of Dead Roads is just as untamable as the book. Banjo Bones loaded his musical palate with representative elements of all roots-based music, making The Place of Dead Roads ultimately hard to categorize but easy to enjoy.

In addition to The Place of Dead Roads, Banjo Bones has released several works, including the EP Failed Ambitions (2012), and the popular single “Snowy Mountain” (2013). A complete list of Banjo Bones releases is attached. Although the Banjo Bones releases feature full-band orchestration, he often performs his live shows solo, delivering sometimes wildly different

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