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Josh Ochner

Josh Ochner is an adventure, travel, and landscape photographer living in Sacramento. His goal as a photographer is not simply to snap arbitrary scenes for profit, but to travel the globe in hopes of finding the most compelling and emotionally-charged images regardless of the risk involved. He believes that art in any form is not worth experiencing unless it elicits a meaningful emotional response within the viewer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a sense of meaning and connectedness is something we can all relate to.

This unique perspective and his strong affinity for the outdoors stem from his childhood. Josh growing up with little money or resources. Instead of finding himself in the throes of misfortune, he created opportunities in his life by cultivating a mastery of harsh climates and diverse terrain. After a life on the East Coast, he moved to California for a fresh start and explored the vast territory of the West Coast with his camera. What he found was a renewed sense of adventure. Inspired by breathtaking landscapes and a rejuvenated sense of curiosity, Josh was able to hone his skills and capture exquisite images to share with collectors.

Unfortunately, however, Josh also found himself experiencing the loss of two brothers once in California. Although that was not the adventure he was looking for, it inevitably shaped who he is as an artist. His strong bonds with both brothers were shattered when one brother was found randomly murdered in his own home in

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