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Kilo Kapa-nel

Kilo Kapanel is a hip-hop artist from Sacramento, California. Born Henry Buris, a Texas native, Kilo Kapanel moved to California at age 13, when he hooked up with Brotha Lynch and hung and experienced his first exhibition in a studio. At that moment Kapanel knew what he wanted to do. Kilo Kapanel went to Florin High School where he met three others MCs: Marc Twain, Koo-Laveesh, and Macadame, and they formed a group called Explicit Fam. Later they added one more member to the group by name of Young Joker, who had gained his own success as a California rap star, with album releases like Who’s Laughing at Cha and several music compilations. Young Joker then put out his sophomore album Something Major featuring Explicit, in which Kilo Kapanel illustrated pure raw talent.

Thus gaining him a buzz as a dope solo artist, in 1999 explicit FAM released their first group album selling over more than 25,000 copies regionally. This gave Kilo Kapanel the intent to go solo after group fell apart. Kilo Kapanel moved back to Dallas, Texas and released his first solo project which sold just fewer than 30,000 copies. Kilo’s attractive sound and hard rhymes ushered in a new form of gangsta rap (mob music), so Kilo Kapanel moved back to California and released his sophomore album Plan, Plot, & Strategize which sold 50,000 copies nationwide.

Now back working with Manook Hitting state to state working a movie Sign to Guantanamo Bay a gangsta spoof tale that would leave you on the edge of your seat.

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