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Kristin Seely

Born and raised in Sacramento. Kristin has placed 17 times in the California State Fairs Creative Arts Competition including two first place titles. She started making art in 2007, a year after the death of her ex-husband as a kind of therapy to focus her attention on positive and creative outlets for her children.

From a very young age doctors suggested that she be medicated for ADHD which her mother refused by telling them, “I’ll give her things to do to keep her busy”, and she did. Besides the soccer, gymnastics, ballet, violin and piano lessons Kristin had dozens of collections and can sew, paint, cook and has a passion for gardening.

In 2010 Kristin moved to what she considers the best place to live, Tahoma after the death of her father, she moved back to Sacramento to help her mother fix up and sell her family’s home. In August of 2016 as Kristin was working as the food service director of a Boy Scout Camp off highway 20. Her mother and friend, Susan Martz drove up to the camp to drop off her son. As her mother pulled out of the camps driveway she was struck and both women were killed instantly. This changed Kristin’s life dramatically. Kristin now stays in Folsom, Sacramento and Novato. She stills plans to move back to the Tahoe area eventually.



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