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Nicholas Wray

Who am I? Well, I’m a son, brother, grandson, friend, uncle, role model (to at least one person), neighbor, passerby, co-worker, trainer of exotic dogs (jk, but I love my dogs), photographer, dude. I like photos, taking photos, cinema, camping, backpacking, music, art, rock climbing, snowboarding, motorcycling, old cars, new cars, cigars, good beer, people, food, women, other photographers, creative people, regular people, irregular people, people people, stuff.

When I’m nervous I play with the hair on my face till it bugs the crap out of me and I cut it really short. When I’m happy I smile; when I laugh I snort. Sometimes I pick my nose–in your car. I like watching movies, eating popcorn, sunshine in the early morning, skateboarding, riding the single speed my friend Matt gave me, planting stuff, learning. When I feel overwhelmed I add more to my plate; when I feel underwhelmed I’m bored.

I stay up late, get up early, and sometimes sleep in. I LOVE orange juice. I don’t turn the little tab on my beverage cans to the side unless there is another one that looks just like mine in the near vicinity, and then I still don’t do it. I like knitted hats, wool socks, and blue jeans. I have a favorite tie. I laugh when I eat ice cream in the middle of the night. I love down comforters and feather pillows, but, I have a space pillow thing…(huh).

I grew up in the country but I love the city. I talk to homeless people–I feel bad for them; I give them food, money, and smiles. I have a space

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