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Priscilla Ameneyro

Midtown resident and fine artist Priscilla Ameneyro works primarily with acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas and paper to create art that is pure abstraction. Priscilla’s work is often characterized by the exploration of a limited color palette. Rarely are her works created with a paint brush, instead she experiments with palette knives, sponges, and squeegees to produce interesting textures. Priscilla was born in England and moved to Sacramento in 2010. She is a self taught artist; inspired by philosophy and poetry.

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  1. Lovely work and creativity I paint as well with acrylics as well a lot if trees but looking to lern new ideas and tecneaks if u ever have time I would love to paint with u and bounce ideas back and forth look forward to hearing back if I don't though no worries just never let the art dieu have a blessed day


  2. This is pretty cool!
    Abstract art is my favorite!
    I enjoy reading about what inspires artists.
    England is mighty far, and we are lucky to have such talent in our ever-growing city!


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