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WayUp Sacramento

WayUp Sacramento

Created in 2011, WayUp Sacramento establishes a partnership between the health and education sectors in the City of Sacramento, and focuses on a distinct and underserved geographic area in South Sacramento.  An initiative of Congressman Jay Schenirer, WayUp supports a healthier community for young people and their families and includes four areas of focus: increased access to healthy foods, increased health system access for elementary school students, an improved community environment that supports the health of all students, and support for safe and healthy neighborhoods.

WayUp Sacramento will establish an effective sustainable partnership as evidenced by the formal recognition of partners and stakeholders in this project by the City of Sacramento; and the cultivation of relationships between the K-12 and higher education school systems, health systems, local business organizations, and community based organizations.

Making Sacramento a healthier, vibrant place requires a comprehensive solution. We must prioritize youth and address the need for improving healthcare access, youth education programs, fitness and nutrition initiatives, creating new jobs, and providing more access to home buying loans and programs. In its first year, WayUp Sacramento will serve approximately 7,000 youth in South Sacramento with its five cohesive programs


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