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SMUD Musem of Science and Curiosity

SMUD Musem of Science and Curiosity

With a targeted opening date in late 2021, the new SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity will be a premier institution for informal science education in Sacramento and the Northern California Region.

Introducing Sacramento’s newest Science Center: SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity, or simply MOSAC! Located in the historic power station, overlooking Matsui Waterfront Park along the Sacramento River, MOSAC will be a dynamic epicenter for STEM education and an anchor point for Sacramento’s revitalized waterfront.

In a lauded public-private partnership, the City of Sacramento, SMUD and the Powerhouse Science Center embarked on a multi-year effort to transform the 114-year-old historic power station on Jibboom Street into a dynamic regional destination.

MOSAC will bring K-12 schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, and other community resources together to remove barriers and build a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) learning ecosystem that broadens and enriches each learner’s personal journey with the ultimate goals of inspiring more students to enter STEAM careers and of creating a more science literate community. We envision a future where all members of our community will have lifelong access to high-quality STEAM experiences and where Sacramento will become a leader in STEAM innovation, employment, and literacy.

MOSAC’s mission is to serve as a dynamic regional hub that engages and inspires people of all ages to explore the wonders,

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